High Key Wood Duck edited and revised

The photo now presented here is the edited version
I have been trying to shoot high key this fall. Any comments on this are fair game. Trying to get that specific high key look.
Nikon D500, 500 mm 5.6 lens at 5.6, 1/800 second, ISO 1250. I believe I had my meter set to some measure of overexposure - perhaps +2.

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No

I like the concept here very much. It’s a very different look. I thought the duck seemed a bit flat as a result of the rest of the high key and wondered what it might look like with a couple of minor adjustments to tones and contrast. Also removing just a bit of the blue in the water on on the tail.

Here’s the result.

I like this. Very artistic. Good detail, nice reflection, and the blue water around the duck works well. There does seem to be a blue cast over the back of the duck.

Reducing the cyan/blue in the water and duck improves the comp immensely. Keith’s contrast adjustment works as well. A very artistic interpretation of this drake wood duck and I like how this turned out. Awesome job…Jim

Hi Kathy, this is too funny, I was just preparing a Wood Duck image for posting here. You beat me to it. :grinning:

I have never thought of doing a high key over exposure shot of wildlife. I like your approach and the results. I think Keith’s minor adjustments help too.

Hi Kathy
I had a little fun with David’s Wood Duck posting, comparing his with yours and they both are equally creative photographs. I have never had any luck with high key photo, so I think what you did is very creative.

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Peter. Thank you. I got temporarily tired of shooting high key floral photos and decided to apply it to critters. Much harder as you can’t position them!!

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@David_Bostock @Keith_Bauer @Allen_Brooks @Jim_Zablotny
Thanks for the comments. I selectively took out the blue and selectively upped sat in the yellows and reds. Also bumped the contrast a little. All done in LR except the blues I did in PS with a mask.

Thanks for the help. Here is the result.


Lovely image! Very creative to go high key with a subject like this! It really brings out the detail and colors on the duck. The RP is a nice tweak to an already very pleasing image.

Really eye-catching and beautiful, @Kathy_Snead. This looks like it could be in a fine art coffee table book. Hmmmm…!

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Looking at it again, it needs just a bit of CW rotation – the eyes should line up vertically. It seems a small nit for such a beautiful image, but to me there is an added elegance in details like that.

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Hi Diane. This is something I struggle with. What do you mean by “line up”. There is only one eye???

I’m h Duh. Do you mean with the reflection?? It’s been a long day!!

I do! I have lots of days like that too… :slightly_frowning_face:

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Hi Diane.
A new , re revised version… Thank you for that tip.


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Thanks again for all the help from all of you. I am now putting the newly revised version in the header!

Perfection achieved!!

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Just my cup of tea: high key ! This kind of situations and contrast full birds make for perfect conditions. Very nice, especially the repost(s). Cheers, Hans