Highway Gold

Sunshine at the end of a rain storm resulted in a rainbow with a pot of gold in the middle of the Richardson Highway, Alaska. I thought I was going to be rich but it kept moving as I approached it! Taken in September of 2007 with a unique Sony bridge camera.

Sony DSC-R1, ISO-160, f/8.0, 1/250, hand held.

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Alaska in the fall is magnificent as this picture clearly shows. Interesting lighting that we people further south rarely get to see.

Gary, the intensity of the rainbow against the dark clouds is terrific. The golden trees and shrubs are amazing. If only the pot of gold was real… The hint of double bow in the upper left is a fine extra.

Very nice capture Gary. I love the color intensity of the trees and the rainbow. . . .adds a bit of drama to the whole image.

Wonderful image. I like the bright colors of the rainbow and trees juxtaposed against the grey of the sky and the road. I also like the repeating wedges of sky, trees, road, trees. Of course, having the rainbow end right in the middle of the road is phenomenal.