Sony A77II
Sony 70-400G-II @ 210mm, 12mm XT
ISO 1600, 1/400 @ f11
I’ve been able to identify this particular Gulf Fritillary by the white markings on the left hind wing. It has been hanging around our lantana for several days but today I finally got a good shot of it. I used the 70-400 with an extension tube instead of my trusty 200mm macro since the 70-400 focuses remarkably faster and despite not liking to use tubes on a zoom this rig has served me well, especially on quick moving butterflies. All comments welcome. >=))>


He knows a good home when he sees it, Bill. I’m so glad that he decided to hang out with you all. Wonderful frame filling image, with nice rich colors. Very nicely presented.

Wonderful sharp details and colors!! I love the dynamic composition of the Fritillary on the Lantana flower! The BG is soft and interesting without competing, and the hint of the OOF flower in the back is the grace note. Amazing to be able to recognize an individual – I’d bet unique markings are not that common. I have a friend who has a pet dragonfly, but she can’t prove it is actually the same individual.

What did you say to this butterfly to open the wings so lovey Bill. This is a excellent capture, the green background and the flowers really add to this photo. I know what you mean about the telephoto fast focus. One reason I use my telephoto on butterflies a lot.

Beautiful capture, Bill. Color and details are excellent, and a nice, wide wingspread to show it all off. Nicely done.

Dean: This is a testament to the wonderful technology in our cameras and lenses. I shot this handheld in high speed (12fps) mode as it would be almost impossible to time the wing movement. Of course that means a LOT of discards but so it goes. I remember trying to get shots like this in the film days with slow speed slide film and single frame shooting with imprecise AF. I filled up many trash cans with the rejects but it did teach me technique and patience. I like how things are now much better. >=))>

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Hi Bill, love the colors in this shot and the open wing look. The clarity is wonderful. Well done!