House Finch Male

from my bedroom window. morning sun, swhaded background

Specific Feedback Requested

Any saturation concerns?

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
iso 800, 500pf, f7.1, 1250th, tripod, D500

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The reds are nice and vibrant. I think that reducing the vibrance may be detrimental to the image. House finches, a very common species, do not seem to get a lot of attention from nature photographers and I believe that this image works very well with bright lighting. I like this one as presented…Jim

Beautiful capture of a very nice specimen. The perch is fantastic, as is the BG. Saturation looks perfect to me, both the bird and the BG. I might wonder about pulling up the smallest bit of shadow detail.

Wow - another beauty. The set up here is so fantastic with that darker background and the interesting branch. It can’t take attention from this beauty though. The beak is especially striking with that sharp little tip. I also like the line of the bird’s gaze - really makes me wonder what it’s looking at. Looking for more likely - predators. Fabulous portrait. The darks don’t bother me here, they add to the richness of the environment and set that boy off nicely.

Really nice pose, composition, colors. Excellent image, David.

David, I really like this image. His pose is nice, and the perch and BG really adds to this nice portrait. We have house finches that come regular to our feeder, just outside my window, so have been practicing on them, but I sure don’t have that nice of a perch. I need to come up with something like this. Great shot.

Your usual great perch and an outstanding head turn, David. The light is nice and mellow on this one.

Nice light on the finch. The contrasting colors work well to make the finch stand out. The perch is nice with all that lichen.