Hoverfly on Spiderwort + Repost

These are all gone now. This image was made 3 weeks ago. wasn’t sure about posting. I wish the leaf on the left of the hoverfly wasn’t there. I couldn’t find a good way to remove it either without making it obvious. I like the rest of the image though.

Hoverfly on Spiderwort

Specific Feedback Requested

Any good way to remove the leaf that is sticking up behind the left petal without making it obvious.

Technical Details

Canon 7DII 180/3.5 tripod
f/13, 1/40, ISO 640
Canon DPP4 for RAW conversion, PSCC. Topaz Denoise

Ravi: I really like your comp on this and the overall capture of the flower. The hoverfly is icing on the cake. Because the BG is so nicely uniform I found it relatively easy to make the offending leaf disappear with some cloning and content aware fill. Back to you. >=))>

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Oh wow, Ravi, I really like this, and like Bill said, the Hover Fly is icing on the cake. Love the smooth green background, and how it compliments subject. I am like you, Ravi, I would have had trouble figuring out how to remove the leaf without it being obvious. Really nice shot, even with the leaf, but looks even better with what Bill did.

Thanks Bill and Shirley. I like Bill’s rework. I always have some trepidation doing clone work when there is some overlap, but I did some rework with selecting the petal and some of the buds near the leaf and worked outside selection with content aware and cloning. Thanks Bill for the pointer. I always learn things here.

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Ravi, this is a fine take on this plant and the Hover Fly. I really like how the fly, flower and the yellow stamen stand out from the unsaturated greens of the plant and background. We still have hover flies around here, but they are getting harder to find (and coming out at different times of the day). Your leaf removal looks good.