How some SoCal beaches really look like

This is my take of this weekly challenge. In the past four years, I have spent most of my Spring season photographing nesting peregrine falcons near my house. This year is no different. Shooting wildlife involves a lot of downtime; it’s mostly a waiting game. This scene grabbed me during one of those slow moments yesterday and I thought it fits the weekly challenge theme. I am uploading this at a higher resolution so you can see the details in the scene and the horrible things humans do to nature.

This is one I won’t thumbs up! :frowning:

A very descriptive photograph of what a lot of our shores look, Adhika. It takes a lot of volunteers to keep them even half way clean and there just aren’t that many people willing to put in the time.

Wow–and that’s just a tiny portion of a beach.! Documentary photos are valuable no matter how unsavory is the scene. Well done…Jim

This section of the beach has a lot of shore birds actually: A bunch of egrets frequent the area, oystercatchers, and those plovers. There is a willet captured here. You can imagine how these birds end up with plastic stuffs on their bodies.

Yes, Adhika, our “out of sight, out of mind” approach to garbage causes real havoc throughout the environment. I was on a Chesapeake Bay beach a couple of weeks ago seeing the same problem, many tiny colored bits of plastic (often beads) scattered throughout the sand and shells.