How to find and message other members

Any time you see another users avatar on the screen you can click it to bring up their ‘user card’, in this window you will see a ‘Mesaage’ button, just click this to send them a private message.

If you want to message someone who’s avatar is not on the screen there are many ways to find them.

The fastest way to send someone a message is to click the messages icon in the top right navigation bar.

From here you will see a list off all your messages, and a new message button at the bottom.

Click the new message button and a window will pop up in the bottom right, at the top of this window click in the ‘add user’ section and start typing who you want to message (you can even add multiple people to have a group message).

Type your message and hit enter.

Another way to find a user is by searching. Click the search icon in the top navigation bar and type the name of the person you’re looking for. It will display a list of topics with their name, if you look at the bottom of the list it will show the user, just click on this to view their profile.

Or you can also go to the list of users to view everyone. Click on the hamburger menu in the top navigation bar and click Users.

This will show you a list of all the users on the forum, you can also click Users Map to see where the members are located. If you don’t see yourself on the map then you need to fill out your location in your profile.