Hummingbird Clearwing Moth

Since I was fortunate to have one of these last summer, I was hopeful I would have another this year, since I grow several of the plants that host the caterpillar. This is the smallest one I’ve ever seen, and is nectaring on Swamp Milkweed.

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon 60D
Canon 70-300mm IS USM @ 220mm
1/6000 sec.
ISO 2000
Hand Held
Processed in ACR and PSE 2020 for exposure, sharpness, and cropping. Topaz De-noise applied.

I’ve added a second photo. Do you like this one better, compositionally?

Hi Terry, Great composition and detail. the flower brings the eye to the hummingbird which has great clarity in the moth and wings. Love this shot.

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Hi, Wayne. Thanks for your kind comments.

Terry, that’s a great catch of this hummer. I really like how we see the tongue and colours through its wing. I guess you could crop this strongly to cut out most of the BG flower. It’s so sharp it could take it, I think. That would also be a nice shot - but this composition is fine.

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Thanks, Mike. I might play with the crop a bit and see what it looks like. Thanks for the suggestion.

Very nice! I think the BG flower adds to the composition since the moth’s body is pointing to it. I might have a look at blurring it a bit, but I can’t object to it as presented.

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Woah this looks great. The tiny details are there…right down to its fuzzy butt. You even got the tongue in. Compositionally the OOF flower works fairly well although it is bright. It shows the environment and as Diane says, where the moth might go next.

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Thanks! I took this shot, then stepped to my left to try to get that other flower out of the frame, but he was too quick for me!

Hi Terry, nice view of this hummingbird moth - a tough subject to catch. I’m fine with the composition of the first shot as it gives a feeling of being immersed in the garden and I can still see the moth clearly. For some reason I cannot click to make the image bigger so I can’t really comment on sharpness, etc.

Thanks, Allen. I think it will enlarge again, now.

Terry, I am playing catch up because I was able to go out of town (actually went back to my hometown to visit family and friends for the first time in over 15 months). Sorry I am so late.

These little guys are very fast as well as little, and so very hard to capture with such details. Well done. Both shots are excellent, in my opinion.

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I’m glad you got to see folks who are important to you. Besides, it’s nice when someone comments on an “older” photo.

Thanks very much. I haven’t seen him since the day I got these shots.

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Thanks @Shirley_Freeman for the Editor’s Pick selection!

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I prefer the clear BG in the second one, but the pose is nicer in the first. And it’s an Editor’s Pick, nice!

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