Hummingbird Clearwing Moth

I like this photo, but I’m undecided about its quality. Please tell me what you see. She is sipping from a Swamp Milkweed in my native plant garden.

What technical feedback would you like if any? Any

What artistic feedback would you like if any? Any

Pertinent technical details or techniques: Canon 60D, Canon 70-300mm IS USM Zoom @ 140mm, f/6, 1/ 125 sec., ISO 1600, Normal Exposure, Hand Held. Processed in Canon DPP, Elements 12, and Topaz De-noise.

Terry, considering the subject, this is pretty good. Looking at your techs, I am guessing maybe you dropped an 0 off of your shutter speed, and instead of 1/125 it would be 1/1250? These guys are very fast, and to get more than a blur, with you HH too, it seems 1/125 would have been rather slow, but I could be wrong, since he is sipping. I like his pose. These guys are very fast and very small, hence their name.


Thanks, Shirley. The shutter speed was indeed 1/125 sec., which is my main disappointment with this photo. Had it been faster, I might have stopped his wings.

Terry, this has a fine artistic (dreamy) look to it, with the overall brightness and slightly soft moth. The flower and leaves in the lower right add nicely, thanks to the long leaf from the main bloom and your pano crop.

Thanks, Mark. I had the same feel. The moth isn’t tack sharp, but I’m kinda glad it isn’t.

Terry: Looking at your techs you must not have had much light to work with. We get these guys in our garden occasionally but they only seem to show up near dusk so stopping the action is really tough. You did about as well as could be expected under the circumstances. I’ve often salvaged an image like this by applying some artistic filters so that critical sharpness is not such a big deal. I very much like the comp and the capture of the milkweed. Overall well done. >=))>

Thanks, Bill. It was a gloomy overcast day for sure. And, wouldn’t you know, it’s the only day I’ve seen this rascal. But, I like to experiment in less than ideal conditions.

Great capture Terry. Amazing you got it as fast as these fly. What you did came out pretty well. I am not sure if some additional contrast might bring this guy out some. BTW I lived in Broken Arrow a few years in the late 90’s Nice area around Tulsa

Hi, Dean. Thanks very much. I did try a little more contrast but lost some detail in the flower. I guess I’m reasonably pleased with the result as it is, though I know it isn’t perfect. BA is a nice place, and growing quickly! I actually live east of Owasso, not far from the Port of Catoosa. Thanks, again!