Humphrey's Peak Around Sunset

An evening walk just before sunset.
Here are my stats, I am using a Canon 77D, only 4 weeks
I used a 70-200mm telephoto lens, for the first time
The lens does not have anti-shake, the winds were high
And last I use Lightroom Classic to edit, I also have Photoshop but I have little skill using it and am intimidated by the vastness of it.
I am submitting this to the landscape critiques for some guidance,

Please list any pertinent technical details or techniques:

(If this is a composite, etc. please be honest with your techniques to help others learn)

Hand held, Canon EOS 77D, Lens EF70-200mm !:4 (with hood), Setting TV, SS 1/250, f 5.6, ISO 250,

What a gorgeous place for an evening walk Laura. Very calming. Thanks for sharing it with the NPN group.

Yes, it is, I am grateful to be able to spend time in nature in such a beautiful, peaceful place.

Hi Laura,

Indeed a lovely and peaceful scene and image.

I know you’ve just posted a couple of images and I expect you’re looking for feedback and suggestions? You may have intended to post in Critique section, but here in the Showcase there aren’t any expectations for any constructive feedback.

If you like, you can edit your post and change the category, or one of us can do it for you. I would be interested to hear your progress in Photoshop, processing etc. I’d like to comment, but let’s get this posted in the Critique gallery - Totally up to you of course,

Thanks for sharing!


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Thank you Lon, I’ve modified the image to the landscape critiques.


Thanks - good job on changing the categories - sometimes things aren’t so intuitive… :roll_eyes:

Again, really like the quite and peaceful landscape scene. Can’t really go wrong with the composition. The only thing I could suggest there - and this is just personal opinion, might be to shave off just a tad off the bottom. Even though I really like the lake, ripples and color, I think just a little bit less of the water pushes the attention to the main subject. But honestly, I’m really reaching with that…

Processing wise, I’d ask a little more than you just processed using Lightroom Classic. I know lots of folks do most of their editing in LR (I don’t - too old and scared to learn it…) But there’s a couple things that I can’t explain without knowing more about

If you look behind the line of trees and betwen them and the mountains, there’s some blue haloing going on. Interesting, the color of the water looks pretty darn good, so I’m not sure if you did something globally or selected the trees. But that blue that surrounds the trees is something that probably could be avoided during processing. Seeing the unedited RAW file would help too.

Also, the sky has a couple of issues. The color is a little cyan/green. It’s not too far off given the time of day where the light is warmer anyway. Also, the upper portions of the sky seem to have a bit of noise.

Sharpness and detail look pretty good for hand holding.

How do you like the new camera? And don’t worry too much - all of this takes time and lots of shutter release cycles…


Lon, thank you for your feedback, I want to present the best image possible so your input will be helpful when I edit the initial image again. I do know that raw images are better to start with, I will have to move forward with doing that. So I will edit this image with your recommendations in mind, much appreciated.

I love my new camera and all of the lens options now to really bring my creativity to a new level, it is great to see the result of an image as I had imagined it. I am looking forward to my education and all of the wonderful images that will result


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