Ice Storm Morning

We had a massive ice storm in the northeast this past week. All about the light and texture for me with this scene. Not sure if this is too chaotic however

Specific Feedback Requested

any welcome

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
70mm f/20 0.5 sec iso 100


Wow. I love this one Mario.
Very nice and simple.

Awesome. Nice work with the sunstar and getting a lot of detail as well. Very pleasing.

Wonderful large abstract Mario. Viewing this large gets me to thinking that you could grab some really nice close up abstracts if you get another ice storm. Those icy branches are just terrific.
Sunstar looks good to me as well. The horizontal branch just above the sun is a little bit distracting but not a deal breaker.
As a rule of thumb, I generally find that starbursts tend to attract too much of the viewers attention in most scenes and I find that what I like so much about this scene is the ice build up and all of the branch structure. So, just for kicks, I hope you don’t mind that I did a crop of this image to remove the starbursts and focus just on the bush getting light in the LLC as well as the tree in the ULC that have trunk structures that are sort of mirroring each other. There is still some warm light coming through but the crop is more about the detail of the Ice build up and structure.

THank your for your comments @joaoquintela @David_Bostock @David_Haynes . David, I like your version. I actually have a couple other shots (below) is similar to your version .

I can feel the cold here. I had the same thought as David, and think that is an interesting crop (not necessarily better, just different). I like that third, wider, image you posted too. You caught a beautiful morning.

Somehow I missed these images. They are all excellent. I do think the first (uncropped) image is my favorite. All three are different though, and each is good in its own way.

This is really cool and it really shines when viewed large and one can really enjoy the details. Awesome work!