Iceberg serrations


Just looking for general feedback on the image - especially if there are suggestions re post processing.

The image was captured in East Greenland while on a zodiac cruise.

Settings: ISO 800, f8/ 1/80sec, 105mm

Ig @robpweir


Some of my favorite intimates are also abstracts, such as this one. Actually, I think abstract is the wrong word for this type of composition. It’s beautiful and well conceived.

Gorgeous, I like the cold blue drapes hanging across a winter window in a very exclusive appartment and the textured ceiling. Most of all I like the rippled reflection in the “carpet”.

A fantastic intimate scene Rob, there are just so many lovely details and nuances to appreciate in this scene. The reflections look simply gorgeous. I also like how the 3 layers have alternating lines of horizontal / vertical / horizontal, it creates a very dynamic look in this image. I’m enjoying this very much as presented, thank you for sharing this with us, it is quite an unique and interesting image.

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Beautiful shapes and colors. I would be tempted to crop down to eliminate the bright areas along the top edge, as I find they pull my attention. Not an huge thing. Very well done.

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Exquisite image Rob! Regarding Harley’s suggestion, I personally wouldn’t crop down because the three layers are so perfect and interesting as is. Rather, I would just darken or clone out the bright areas.

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It is a splendid and intriguing image, and the blue-on-blue is beautiful. I could see it also without the top layer, but it would be a different feeling. Both nice anyway…

Masterful job of pulling the viewer into the scene. The darker curtain from the left brings the eye into the larger and brighter ice sheet in the center. Darker ice on the ceiling brings the eye down to the center… and again the darker reflections on the water bring the eye once again to the center. Love the gradient blues. Simple…but not so much. Like it a lot.

I love this! What a tremendously dynamic image. As others have commented, the alternating vertical and horizontal lines create a visually pleasing experience. The reflection creates a wonderful sense of depth. The blues are strong and saturated, but I’m not criticizing it, just an observation and lends to the intensity of the scene. I’m curious about the central brightness and it draws and holds the eye pretty firmly to me. I’d be tempted to gently dodge the brighter areas slightly so as to provide a bit of balance to the left side of the image. I also agree with @Tony_Siciliano that the top is valuable to me, and I wouldn’t crop but rather burn the bright areas down a bit to keep the viewer from holding the upper edge of the frame. Super shot! Thanks for sharing!!!

Just spectacular. No nits. I like the dynamic range and can see burning the top layer highlights, but the luminous berg is part of the appeal.

Many thanks everyone for your kind comments and also for the comments re the areas of brightness - much appreciated.

Beautiful tones and composition. I love the reflected light on the ice. Great shot.

I would echo what a wonderful image this is. Nice and sharp, from a zodiac no less. I love all the layers upon layers, upon a reflection. I agree the upper center could be burned, and if I were to nit, the line that separates the upper two layers has spots(?) maybe rocks, or something of that nature (?). (Visible on the larger version) I might clone those out just to add to the simplistic graphic quality. Love this!