Icy Mud Puddle

A frozen puddle of water in an off road in the Yakima River Canyon. Sony RX100M5; manual; handheld; 1/400th; ISO 100; 8.0; -.7 exp. comp. Over sharpened for sandy or grainy look.

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Now that I have seen this posted, I probably should not have. Not a very good effort. Jim

Hi Jim,
Funny but my local camera club just did a competition on “abstract”. I think this would have fit in nicely there minus the grainy look we see on the larger image. I’d say back off the processing and this could be a keeper on its own given the interesting swirling patterns. That’s my two cents anyway.

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That is one awesome abstract, Jim. I love the brown palette and all the meandering lines that yet seem to have a purpose. I also like all the bits of leaves tucked away here and there. I see what Allen is referring to, but the graininess is only apparent in the largest pixel-peeping image, not in what people would normally view.


Jim: I would love to see you repost this without the over sharpening. The small version where it is not apparent is spectacular. Reminds me of a paisley tie gone wild. >=))>

Jim, you’ve got a lot of interesting textures and flow here. I think the grainy look works, but it would be interesting to see a smoother version. When I look at the super large view, it looks like there may have been some camera movement although that’s not noticeable in the thumb or the large view. That’s a problem that I see routinely in my long lens ice abstracts that has slowly taught me to use mirror lockup and a cable release. There are many smaller areas in this view that I think would also be fun to “explore”, like the “bow-tie” shape near the lower right 1/3 point and all the swirling near the center left edge.

Bill not sure if this helps at all. I am not sure it does but not as much sharpening. Probably not possible to get a good image for the reasons mentioned by Mark.

Thanks Mark. I did handhold. Probably why I did not achieve a satisfactory result.

Jim: The repost does work better for me. Keep looking for this kind of stuff. >=))>