In Motion

What technical feedback would you like if any?

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Overall thoughts on the image.

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

(If this is a composite, etc. please be honest with your techniques to help others learn)
This is a 120 second long exposure shot at ISO 200.

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That is super well done. Comp and just the right amount of gravel at the bottom. To pick some nits, there are a few sensor spots and excess noise in the sky above the clouds.

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I agree, this is super nice, Matthew. I really like the movement of the clouds on the peak. Very nicely done.

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Thanks for the feedback MIchael, I will definitely take a look at what I can do with the noise.

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Could you let me know if the sensor issues appear to be better in this version?

This is a great scene…in repairing your sensor dust, it seems you’ve created a stronger vignette…which actually helps balance the intensity of the contrast in the cloud/mountain component of the image. As it was initially presented, something was a little off to my eye, and without ever concluding what it was, this seems to have helped it a lot. However, I tend to be drawn to more contrasty and saturated (when in color) images, so this may simply be a personal statement. With that said, I’d still back off a bit in the upper right corner as it’s a bit strong there. Great shot!

I like this shot a lot except the for the distracting logo. I really wish it wasn’t there.

Fantastic image, Matthew. The scene has a wonderful shape and the contrasting elements really accentuate that. I think the edit with the stronger vignette works much better IMO. Nicely done!

Matthew, I like this image a lot. Processing this in B&W is a great choice, with those dramatic clouds adding a lot of drama and atmosphere. The varying tonalities in the side of the mountain also translates well to B&W. And your shutter speed produced an interesting effect in the reflections, it creates kind of a glowing effect.

This comes down to personal taste, but I think the vignette and added contrast in the rework is too strong. I prefer the look of the original image, although I could see adding a more subtle vignette in the corners. I would suggest something more in this direction…