In Zion

So many lovely outcroppings, it was difficult to single out just one scene.

Specific Feedback Requested

I was following parallels in both the rocks and foliage. I wonder if I should try to warp the tallest part to a more forward position.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
D810, 24-120 @44mm, f/10, 1/160, +.67 EV, ISO 250

Mostly TK light and dark masks for tonal control

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The layers are really sweet here - including the cloud layer. It almost looks right, but something still seems off with the shadow levels in the rock faces. With a darkish sky like that I’d expect them to be lower, but I wasn’t there and maybe you’ve darkened the sky. It’s a great formation though and I can see why you were drawn to it. The trees in the middle adds scale that makes this all the more majestic. What a grand landscape!

It was broken light as you can see by the much brighter light on the lower right side with just bits more brighter light following that rock formation up the hill and lighting up the band of trees and what drew me to take the shot more than the rocks formation themselves.

Lovely landscape. The way the lower outcrop angles up and is the brightest part of the land is rather uplifting (psychologically speaking). I could see adjusting the tonality balance even more. The sky is so bright (and looks blown out in spots although it really isn’t), but at the same time feels too textured (somewhat competing with the land).

So, I took a crack at those changes (hope you don’t mind) - for the sky and decreased exposure+lights and brought up shadows+darks (so they wouldn’t be so dark with the lower exposure, also reduced contrast); for the land, increased the contrast a bit on that main upper outcrop by lowering exposure + bringing up the lights; also, filled in that little bit of space right next the left side of the frame by the far outcrop. Didn’t do anything to the lower parts of the land because that light was so nice.

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