Indian Awlkings

More common in some other Asian countries, in Korea the skipper Choaspes benjaminii is found only in the far south. After a fast-flying courtship yesterday, this couple zoomed in under the leaf of a wild raspberry. I was able to take many close-range shots, as they were oblivious.

Specific Feedback Requested

The light was harsh, so, lying down and pointing the camera up, I had to reconcile the darkness of the insects in the shade with the bright sky above (I had no flash). I applied exposure compensation, which helped a little.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
D500 + 105mm f2.8 1/250 f14 1.67EV ISO 1250.

I did a selection of the butterflies in PS and slid the Shadows bar to the right. The colour was too brownish, so I went back into ACR and cooled the White Balance. This restored the correct gunmetal colour to the wings.


Wow! Wonderful detail on both and a wonderful pose and composition! Processing looks great.

Mike, I think you did a fabulous job capturing these. Shooting up into harsh light had to be difficult, for you and the light meter on your camera. If you had a flash available at the time (you may not have), this would have been perfect time for fill flash. You still did a great job, nice details in both.

Yes @Shirley_Freeman , I regretted not bringing the flash. I don’t think it would have scared them.