I recently discovered a passion for photographing moving river foam during Spring runoff. I see all kinds of forms and figures and use the river to fool me into thinking I am creative!

Specific Feedback Requested

Any comment on subject selection, composition, and treatment.

Technical Details

34 mm, f/10, 1/50th sec, ISO 400. Processed in Lr only. Original 2X3.

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Hi Claude – I would have never guessed this was foam, so nice work on obscuring the subject. The small details in the scene are a joy and I really enjoyed looking at this photo once I opened it up to full size.

Overall, I think it is a very successful abstract, with the composition and subject working well. I have two points of feedback for you to consider. First, I think the two little curving crescents, one on the upper edge and one on the lower edge, distract from the rest of the composition. Since they are on the edges and are pretty different from the rest of the scene, I think they hold too much visual weight and distract from the rest of the scene.

Second, I think a little brightening overall and a tiny bit of darkening to the darker tones could make the pattern stand out just a bit more without taking away from your subtle presentation. Here is an example with my two suggestions (the processing changes didn’t come through terribly well in this rough edit…). Now I want to go photograph this foam myself!

Thank you very much, Sarah for your kind and helpful comments. My respects, Claude

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