Into the light

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Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Nikon D810
Nikon 70-200


I love this image. I usually prefer everything in focus but the selective focus really works well here. I also like that the plane of focus is less saturated. That variability in saturation separates this and makes it more unique. Don’t know what to suggest. The bright blurry shapes near the bottom don’t really bother me. It’s a happy picture. Romantic. Youthful idealism.

wow that’s a treat for my winter-weary eyes. So warm and inviting. I can hear the crickets and the birds. Really beautiful. Print it.

Like Kris and Igor I get the same feeling of being there in the warmth…perhaps rustling my hand over the top of the tiny flowers. Bugs and insect noises everywhere. Love the warm limited colours.

My only feeble suggestion…and not a criticism is to may be lose the dark slither on the very top left?

Really nice backlit scene, João. I usually have problems with shooting into the sun; my images never turn out like I envision. Like the others, it evokes a feeling of warmth, springtime, and peace. Probably hay fever for those who suffer… :slightly_smiling_face:

Really nice image. I agree with the “print it” sentiment.

A rather “daring” image, I’d say. For me it is an abstract that is a meditation on light. I don’t “see” anything as much as I “feel” something. For me it brings up a sense of nostalgia because it reminds me of how I saw, how I experienced the world when I was very, very young. A celebration of the golden light of spring that would fill me with such delight.

I like the way that you have used selective focus to draw the viewer into the scene and of course the warm light makes this an inviting scene. Nicely done!


Right up my alley - love this. Now I’m usually quite happy - and seek out - fields of grasses like this - and then focus stack for depth… but I love that you’ve taken the highlights and direct view towards the sun and created something brilliant and delightful; airy.

Agree with Igor on the selective focus. Beautifully seen and captured.


Superb image in every way Joao. I love the shallow depth of field and the area you chose to focus on. The backlit foliage is just spectacular. The gold color you captured with the setting or rising sun is the icing on the cake.

Love this one and as everyone said the DOF treatment is spot on. Light is wonderful.

You have some really beautiful gold light here and it makes the whole image really inviting. I really love this and the only thing that I would suggest would be to crop a sliver off from the top just so that darker line on the very top (in the left corner) goes away.

Thank you all for your comments and suggestions