Iris Closeup

I’m heading to my favorite Iris garden tomorrow and decided to go back through my past images to get ideas and inspiration. I came across this one from 2019.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any comments appreciated.

Technical Details

Fujifilm GFX 50S, GF 250mm f/4, 18mm + 45mm Extension Tubes, Tripod. .3 Sec @ f/22, ISO 400.

Minimal processing in Capture One.


I love how you’ve composed this, David, with 4 “diagonal quarters” all in good focus. And the contrast in colour between the bottom two parts is especially attractive. It must have been hard to eliminate the BG so well.

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Irises in this color range are some of my favorites. This one looks fresh and rich. Agree about the positioning of the diagonals and tight crop - keeps the background away and us focused on those petals. The droplets are terrific. Maybe a little lift in the mid tones would give this some life and zip. Just a thought. Mid tones are my bug bear.

David, this is beautiful, and the droplets are a real extra. I find Iris to be difficult to photograph, for some reason, at least close up like this one. I think my problem is DOF because I don’t drop down enough with the f-stop. I see you used f22 here. Maybe if I get to point at one again I will try really close up like this with something like f22 and see what happens. Excellent shot.

@Mike_Friel, @Kris_Smith, and @Shirley_Freeman thank you for the kind comments. Much appreciated.

Kris, yes, I think the mid tones could be brought up a bit. They say that the middle frequencies in music are the breath of life, so too are the mid tones of an image.

Shirley, yes, I chose f/22 to get more DOF. I plan on trying some focus stacking later this week. We’ll see how that goes.


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'Tis the season for rain-sprinkled iris! Gorgeous specimen, lovely light and stunning DOF – I would have thought it a focus stack. Interesting composition with one of the standards falling. I too need to try f/22 or even above more often. I really haven’t probed the diffraction limit with my current equipment.