Used gaussian blur to tone down background clutter.

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon 5ds-r, at f-20, 1/1000 and iso 500 with 180 macro lens.


I like Iris very much. It’s really photogenic. Your shot depicts color and texture of the petals very well in nice light. IMHO the flower tilt to the left a little, so more space on the left would make the image stabler. But I’m not sure. The original image is more dynamic and very good as is.


Thanks Naofumi Koju, Do I write your name correctly? I appreciate your comment and enjoy your post very much.

A nice Iris. I think @Nao_Koju has a nice improvement by centering the flower more.

Lovely photo. My only nit is that there is a noticable halo around parts of the flower (most noticable on the large white leaf on the right). Perhaps it could be improved by fiddling with the feathering on the mask between the flower and the background.

Re-Post to resolve the helo as mentioned by Tony and centered the flower more as suggested by Naofumi Koju. Thanks,

Excellent image that showcases this beauty nicely. The final repost is perfect.