canon 90d 105 sigma

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canon90d 105 Sigma

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Nice capture. Since the Iris is so dark, the diffuse light background works well. I would like to see the left petal a little lighter. Good job.

Certainly is a dark beauty! There might be some detail n the darkest areas, but purple is tricky and can get light and blotchy really quickly. I like the idea of the soft bg, but the vignette isn’t working for me. It looks forced and makes me look at it as a processing feature rather than a feature of the photo and composition. The water droplets are so fresh and gorgeous. I wish mine were this color.

Oh, that is nice. I love the rich dark flower against the light background, and there’s just a hint of detail back there that makes it even more interesting.

Nice portrait of a terrific Iris, Larry. The background is great and the reverse vignette is a nice touch.