Today I managed to shoot a same-day something for the challenge. There were some merciful clouds but more wind than I would have liked, so just a straight shot.

Specific Feedback Requested

All comments welcome!

Technical Details

Canon R5, 100-500 @420, ISO 800, f/13, 1/400. Very minor tonal tweaks in LR, into PS for some partial opacity clone smudging of distracting BG elements.

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Hi Diane,
I was immediately attracted to this image! I love the iris looking so delicate against the blurred background. For me, the orange flowers in the background add interest without distracting from the gorgeous iris! The iris is so sharp and clear…I can even see one silvery strand of a spider’s web beginning to form between the 2 petals on the left!

Ah, so California! Purple iris and poppies. I could see cropping the top, to make the iris even more prominent in the scene. We had really strong winds here (Shasta County) today, that would have tossed about even a stout iris.

I wouldn’t crop this, but I would brighten it a bit, maybe in the mid-tones. It’s so colorful - the mix of purple, orange and green is classic. No stacking is good here since it’s more of a meadow-like feel you have going. Maybe next month my irises will bloom. They usually do in June.

Exquisite, Diane. We have a wonderful Iris farm/garden that I’ll get to later in the month. Can’t wait. I really like the OOF background. It sets off the iris perfectly.


Very lovely. We won’t get ours until end of May.

Thanks everyone, and thanks Mark for the EP!!

Terrific looking image Diane. The Iris is sooo sharp and the background is pleasingly smooth. You gotta love the California poppy in the background. I would crop just smidge off the top but otherwise, this is just exquisite.

Diane, I am late to the party on this one. I saw it and meant to comment on this beautiful image. It is a beautiful Iris, and I love that you captured one in full bloom and one on its way. The color contrast between the Iris and the orange flowers that are out of focus makes a pleasing scene as well. Congrats on Editor’s Pick as well!

The iris and poppies are screaming…softly…“spring”! Gorgeous BG compliments the perfect iris and the bud.

Congrats on the EP!