Japanese Anemone

There is a bed of these outside our garage that seems to be on a mission to rule. It finds every nook and cranny in the concrete nearby and decides to make these its own to do with as it likes…i.e. to grow wild there also.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any comments and suggestions are welcome. I kept the lower bud and leaves OOF to ensure that attention returns to the brightly colored petals and stamen.

Technical Details

1/200s, f6.3, ISO 200
m4/3 60mm macro

LR cropped and a rough concrete wall in the background darkened to reduce distractions.

Hi Phil,

Comp is pretty good and I like how you used the dark BG to make the flower and bud stand out. I think that this one is fine as presented…Jim

I also like the comp, Phil. Having the pedals of the flower soft works to bring focus on the main part on top. The bright area in the LLC sometimes pulls me away from the main subject , I wonder if darkening that some will help. The overall lighting looks great.

Thankyou @Jim_Zablotny and @Dean_Salman for your comments.
Thanks Dean for that suggestion. Once I looked at it again after your comment I couldn’t help but focus on the little bright area. I have calmed it down a little as you suggest. Makes a big difference. Thankyou.

With edit

Lovely!! I saw this earlier and thought I had commented, but apparently got interrupted. I love the DOF and focus plane here, the quiet BG and the secondary interest of the bud and leaves. The tonalities and colors are very pleasing and there is something special in the disarray of the petals – a sort of pleading look that OK, I’m just a bit past my prime but still appealing!

Oooh the edit is super! Great advice from Dean. We have a problem here in the US with Japanese knotweed and other Japanese imported plants so watch out. It is a beauty though and I like the intensity of the color against the dark background. With the bud darkened it makes the overall mood a bit more subdued. I like very much.

Thankyou @Diane_Miller and @_Kris for your kind comments.

Yes, Diane, I much prefer images of flowers that aren’t perfect, and are either starting to die-off or have some other imperfections. These anemonies always have various arrays of petals that aren’t perfect or symmetrical, and they sometimes look as though they are trying to hide their faces.

Agreed, Kristen, these are indeed rampant in their growth.

That does help and look better