"Jesus Bug" #2 + Repost

Part of the “Water Music” series. In this series my goal was to show these “Water Striders” in their environment and the patterns and rhythms they made as they moved through the water.

Any feedback is most welcome. JT

Olympus E-1 (5mp) 200mm 1/200s f/6.3 ISO 200

John, another nice look at this Water Strider. Not as much water action in this one, but able to see him better, and the action of his feet on the water. I understand that they are fast moving, so I think you did well capturing this little guy.

Well done. You did a nice job of capturing the pontoon like look of the surface tension on the water. The pose of the strider looks nice and symmetrical. I really like the black water and waves/ripples on left side. It forms a nice contrast with the lighter side of photo. I wonder if the strider could be moved up or down in the frame without losing any of the dark water details or is this already full frame?

Thanks David. Yes it is full frame 4:3. I’m curious as to what you visualize would result if I were able to move the Strider up or down. JT

Hi John, As photographed the strider is on the mid vertical line and for me it makes the photo feel too balanced or too static. By moving the strider up in the frame by cropping a bit from the top or down in the frame by taking a bit off the bottom I think the photo and strider would seem more lively. And by moving the strider in the frame it coincidentally ends up closer to one of the third points. And if you have a look at a different crop on your computer and do not like it and prefer what you have shown then all the power to you. It is your image and your preferences are what count most.
Either way it is a fine capture.

John, another good look at a water strider and the reflections in the water. I can see keeping the ripples moving in from the left symmetric, but do agree that having the strider on the center line feels static. On possibility would be to rotate the camera so the ripples are moving diagonal and the strider is off center.

@Mark_Seaver @David_Leroy Mark and David - Do you think the repost works? Thanks, JT

Yes it works for me John. Just a slight crop and rotation and little fellow looks ready to dart away.

John: Please excuse my tardy response; I thought I had commented on this earlier. In a way I’m glad I waited because I do like your repost and think it makes a fine image even better. Top notch work >=))>

Thanks Bill. No problem.