Joe Pye and Goldenrod

Recently, Ed and Mike Lowe posted images of Joe Pye Weed and Goldenrod taken in a meadow near my home in Massachusetts. Ed Lowe had seen an image on my website from this location, and in June 2019 when I met Ed in person at an NPN meetup, he asked me where this shot was taken. I gave him a vague description, not because I was reluctant to share the location with him, but because this non-descript place is hard to find from a map. And driving past it, the meadow looks pretty dull most of the time. But on cool August mornings this wetland meadow frequently gets low lying ground fog, which with the right light can make for a nice scene.

I visited this location last week, and to my great surprise, I ran into the Lowe brothers, who on the spur of the moment, decided to drive 7 hours from Maryland, in the hopes of finding this place. While they had good luck with my directions, on that morning they got unlucky with heavy fog, which came in from the ocean 10 miles away.

I never thought a picture on my website would inspire someone to drive 7 hours, but here is the image from 2016 that led to all that mileage. I have shot at this place off and on over the past 15 years, this 2016 morning was the best combination of low fog and colorful sunrise clouds that I’ve ever experienced. The Joe Pye flowers were best in a very different part of the meadow in 2016 than they are in 2019, hence the view is further away from the place shown in the Lowe’s images.

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Any critique or comments are welcome.

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

Multiple exposures manually blended for dynamic range with luminosity masks.

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

Now that’s what I’m talking about, Ed. I’d drive further than 7 hours to get an image like this.

Oh wow, I would too! This is an excellent image in every respect, Ed. Everything was perfect that day, from lighting, fog, flowers, all of it. :+1::+1:

Very nice Ed. The use of detail to show distance (it fades further back) is really well done. It interesting how Michael emphasized the yellow flowers over the pink where you have done it the other way around. I also appreciate the thought that went into the composition at the very front with the cluster of branches on the left that take up a considerable amount of space. I feel that’s important in a composition such as this.

Beautiful, Ed. No nits, here. The layer of ground fog really sets this apart. :+1:

Simply gorgeous Ed! It’s not hard to understand why and how this might be an inspiration to someone… and apparently it is and was. Truly an inspiring image.

This is a great and classic example of a near/far composition. And what is keeping the bold and dramatic sky from dominating the scene, is the chosen proportion of foreground to background. The flowers have the edge in domination, but mostly because of the amount of real estate that is given them. The sky with less real estate service to accent and compliment the field of flowers rather than overwhelm them. Simply a masterful composition.


Absolute beauty of an image here. I’m just going to enjoy this one with no critique. Good story.

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Thanks to you all for taking the time to comment, I appreciate your input. This was a special morning, it certainly all came together with the fog and clouds. For some reason the combination of these two flowers just resonates with me, I love the combination of colors. And I was extremely lucky to get clouds with the same color as the Joe Pye weed.

Igor, I appreciate your comment on the foreground and the goldenrod in the LLC. When I shoot scenes like this, it is actually very difficult to fill space without having blank patches, and avoid cutting stuff off. I spent a good bit of time getting a near foreground that worked. Fortunately I did that before the clouds got color, so I was ready.

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If we are out shooting and exploring every once in a while everything comes together so we can use the skills we have learned to produces a special image. This was one of those times.

Absolutely beautiful, Ed. This one has it all going on.

This image is full of things that make it easy to love. Great job.

I’m game as I too would drive back to this location. What’s a measly seven hour drive.:laughing: In fact I am sure that my brother already has plans for a trip next August with the hope of catching a sky similar to this. This was one of those special mornings when everything came together beautifully and the end result is what you posted for the rest of us to enjoy. The image has a wonderful sense of depth and layering starting with the wildflowers and continuing with the ground fog and the treeline; all capped off with that amazing sky!

Wow. Great story and a great image that caused all of the effort to drive Love the layered look and the juxtaposition of the flowers, fog and beautiful sky. Just lovely.

I love how the fog in the distance throws those trees further back and gives it some dimensionality. The colours are well-balanced and compliment each other. Great image; definitely a keeper!

Wow. What a great mix! I can see what inspired the long drive!