Jumping Spider On Flower Pedal

What technical feedback would you like if any?

Any that you might have to offer.

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Do you like the composition?

Any pertinent technical details:

Taken handheld with Canon 5D Mark II, KX-800 twin flash, Canon 100 mm L macro lens. Settings f19, 1/90, ISO 250.

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

Excellent, Shirley. You really nailed the focus on the spider and the detail in it is awesome. The depth of field got everything you needed. As far as composition, I’d be tempted to rotate the image 90 degrees clockwise and then crop off part of the flower from what would now be the bottom of the frame. I think that would put more emphasis on the spider and give it a more dominant feel.

Thank you so much, Dennis. I like your suggestions, and am posting the changes. Let me know what you think.


Outstanding! The rotation did the trick. If I might be allowed to comment as well, I really love the image and the subject is wonderful, peeking over the petals. I do find that my eye keeps getting pulled down to the flower because it is so bright and the spider tends to blend into the background. I would experiment with either darkening the bottom petal or better yet, experiment with your cropping by either making the image a 4x5 or 1x1. The viewer’s eyes tend to be drawn by lighter/brighter tones, and that spider deserves all the attention in this cool shot.

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Hi Shirley. I like the repost, but I also agree with James. That really bright lower petal draws the eye. It looks like you have plenty of detail for cropping in this image, so you can play with it a lot.

Shirley, now that’s really close! I saw this before and had exactly the same thoughts about rotating.

Hi Shirley,

Either comp is fine. Darkening the light petal may help reveal the spider better than as presented…Jim

Really sweet!
I agree the rotation now is perfect, and I also agree that you could entirely crop out that distracting bright lower petal, and still have enough detail left in the critter.
Excellent image!

Shirley, this looks great. I think your original comp. works well as it shows how these jumping spiders creep around everywhere, peeking out at the world from many angles. The rotated version looks good also, it just tells a different story.

I really like this little monster on the pink flower in a position ready to jump. In both orientations the ‘problem’ with the image is that there is a dark spot in the background right behind the head of the spider. I know they don’t give you much time. Apart from that dof is again excellent, showing the animal’s hairy feet and its twinkling eyes. I agree with a further crop, maybe even to square. Anyway, nice capture.