Junior's Big Adventure #3

This photo is from a series I posted in the Avian Showcase. It’s one of my favorites but definitely not for the quality of the image. It’s just such a cute scene that I can’t help smiling and laughing every time I see it :slight_smile:

To really appreciate the circumstances and see the rest of the story, here is the link to the post in the Avian Showcase gallery:

Junior’s Big Adventure

Sony a6500, SEL200600G @ 600 mm, ISO-320, f/6.3, 1/1250, hand held.

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Gary, so incredibly funny (love the whole story) and beyond cute. Thanks so much for re-posting this adorable photo.

A 2020 highlight for me!

Simply wonderful!! I missed the full post and am so glad to have seen it now! (I’m pretty sure it’s a little boy…)

The feet sticking out are priceless, Gary. Excellent timing.

I went back and read the story as I missed it before. I have to say it was incredibly funny and the accompanying images were nothing short of superb! I love the feet sticking out of the water.

Gary, this is great fun with the head and feet sticking out of the water and a nicely detailed splash. Without reading the full story, I can imaging that it’s a cygnet nibbling on it’s own feet, but the full story is an excellent example of how youngsters of any species learn to deal with the world. My wife raised small cage birds for many years, watching them take their first flights was always a hoot. While they could (sort of) fly, landing was always an adventure.

Incredible story and chain of photos to go with it. I literally laughed out loud going back to your original post. Thanks so much for reposting this Gary. I love everything about this. Only in 2020.