Juniors Sushi Excitement

A juvenile Bald Eagle, thoroughly enjoying its fresh salmon lunch!

Sony a6500, FE200600G @ 452 mm, ISO-250, f/6.3, 1/2500, hand held.

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What a great example of natural behavior Gary! His eye is sharp, great detail in the feathers, and enough foreground and background to place him in his natural environment. He is well located within the frame and the open wings imply action, just passed or impending. No complaints on this one, print it!

Beautiful detail in the Eagle, Gary and I love the pose. I do think the bird could use a touch more room particularly above and below. The out of focus rock background tends to disturb my eye for some reason-perhaps add some blur to it?

Gary, a fine nature in action shot, with good details in the eagle. The size and color of the talons are quite striking.