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Another shot of the immature Common Black Hawk I took the other day. This is actually earlier in the sequence of shots taken as it had just caught the crab. If I had thought I’d be posting several images from this shoot I would have sequenced them in order of capture-sorry. I plan on posting another shortly-thanks for taking a peak.

Immature Common Black Hawk
Potrero Bay, Guancaste, Costa Rica

1/1600s @ f/6.3
ISO 400

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I think I like this one better than the first one because it appears to be a little bit sharper and the crab is more distinguishable. I like the eye to crab coordination. The color and detail are just outstanding.

Chuck, I have to agree with David for the same reasons. The pose is much better on this one.

Awesome detail, Chuck. I really like the pose in this one-even more than the firs, I think. The evident concentration on the crab appeals to me and the composition feels a touch more balanced.

Really great catch and I don’t have much to add on the above comments. I’m wondering what brightening the eye a tad might look like - it may be tough to come up with anything looking natural though since it is in shade. Very well done as is.

This is very good. Really dynamic. IQ looks great. Both water splashes add a lot. If mine, I’d try and lighten the bird’s body and left side of its head.

You captured a great pose and behavior. Well done!