Juvenile Turkey Vulture #4 & 2 reworks


Also b&w just for the fun of it…

For anyone who is looking at my Juvenile Turkey Vulture series, if you haven’t already figured it out… it’s not only because I’m crazy about vultures but also it’s the week leading up to IVAD or International Vulture Awareness Day! Of course, that doesn’t explain all my previous vulture posts but it’s my excuse now anyway! :slight_smile:

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Nikon D3400, 1/1000, 300mm, ISO 800


I like the angle and eye contact, Vanessa. I think you could accentuate that eye contact by placing the Vulture quite a bit lower in the frame. To my eye the bird seems just a bit soft. I think some extra sharpening on the face would help.

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A very nice flight shot. The shaded underside makes dark birds in flight very difficult subjects – there is so little tonal range to be brought out in the darks. Overexposing as much as practical can give you a little more information (tonal steps) when the overexposed darker values are moved back down to the dark end of the histogram with the Blacks slider.

You might be able to bring out a little more contrast in the head, which has a little more tonal information. It would be worth trying the pseudo-sharpening of the Clarity slider.

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Hi @Dennis_Plank & @Diane_Miller , thanks for looking! Yeah, I think why it looks dark is the way I processed it. I was going for a vintage look but maybe went too far, does this look any better and I cropped it to be more at eye level….

Second repost works the best. It appears that you have ample opportunity to take vulture photographs. Keep up the good work.

I like the reworked color post with the bird larger in the frame and more detail in the head and darks. I like the vintage look. The RP shows some purple chromatic aberration that I didn’t see in the original.

Yeah @Diane_Miller the first post isn’t the original. The first one is darker because I had to bring down the exposure but then it darkened the vulture. The original is overexposed since I was shooting towards the sky when the sun was pretty high. But I had to overexpose to get details in the bird. Believe me I was trying all kinds of settings but at least they gave me a lot of poses!