Keoniloa Bay, Kaua'i

Fun shot from 2015 I just processed recently. Took me a long time to realize there was such awesome rock at this part of the beach. The hotel is just to the left so that becomes problematic when trying to elminate the human element. Also getting the tide and/or waves right for this spot. Potential for more exploration but this was a fun eve.

Single shot.


PS if anyone knows how to create new regions in this thing that would be helpful. thanks!

Aaron, the textures and colors in these rocks are wonderful. I just wish you had posted a larger size so we could get a closer look at them. I’m a sucker for triangle shapes, and you have a great one here in the rocks, I love this composition, even if you had to include man-made elements to get the rocks lined up like this. Nice use of the spotlight on the cliffs and surf too. I wish the cliffs were a little larger in the frame, but it looks like you couldn’t get much closer without losing the great shapes in the rocks. Maybe this scene would be a good candidate for the type of focal length blending TJ Thorne did on his recent Bandon Seastack post. Overall, nicely done.

hi aaron,
it feels like ages since i last commented on one of your fabulous hawaii shots!

first of all: another vote for a bigger image, since this leaves us with little to judge from. the comp is a killer, and i wish i could appreciate all the details not visible as presented here.
i love the texture and colours in the rock. the light on the cliff is sweet. maybe clone out the tents (?) as they distract quite a bit. do you happen to have a longer exposure for the water?



Yet another beautiful seascape from you. You did a great job showcasing the rock and still also making this a seascape. If I had to offer any suggestions, it would be to drop the cyan that’s present right along the edges where the water meets the beach; almost the entire length, almost all the way to the lighted bluff. And to the other’s point, it’s hard to pick up at this size. Yeah, I understand and respect if folks to choose small images for their own image protection… But since what I understand this Critique section is only visible to members… so perhaps a bit bigger next time? But I won’t mention again and respect your thoughts here.


Much thanks all. Appreciate the time.

@ed - i personally dont manipulate images like that. ive written blog entries on the matter in the past but it’s not something im interested in :slight_smile: this could be shot at a longer focal and then dof blend, though might be very difficult with the movement in the scene. tbd.

@lon - good catch on the cyan, will reevaluate that in the master file.

As for image size. I do not post anything larger on the internet as I am very protective of my images with concern for my discerning clients. Thanks for understanding!