Tucked In

Oooo fancy new site. How fun. I have no idea where to post so will probably just use this forum. Good to see old faces pop up again. Good stuff :slight_smile:

Taken 2015 on a morning on the south shore of Kaua’i. Believe it’s 3 horizontal images stitched. Been able to go back through and process images that were trick before since the tech has gotten better. And probably myself as well.

Much thanks all!

ps it wasnt letting me create a new region…soooo uhm…pnw it is :stuck_out_tongue:


Good to see you here Aaron. Awesome image.

Cool find Aaron!

You’ve got a pretty cool warm/cool thing going on here Aaron, especially with the nice reflected light bouncing around in the foreground. In a perfect would, I would love to see a bit more image on the right side and to toss a bit of fresh sand on those footprints in the foreground. One really interesting thing is that I have no real clue of the sense of scale here. That kind of gives it a sense of mystery. I can see how this image on the wall will really enhance the sense of space… kind of like a window to another world.

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you know…in all my years of photographing out here i never though to actually just throw more sand on the footprints instead of trying to scrub them. bahahahahahaha. def agree with the right side. it’s uncomfortably clipped. might see if there’s some extra i can pull out but b/c of the stitch i think it was lost. tbd :slight_smile:

Aaron, really neat arch, and I like the perspective of looking through the arch, but then down to the ocean below. The textures and shapes in this arch are wonderful. It’s too bad about the clipping on the right side, it needs just a little bit more. If you try to re-work this, I might consider adding a little more space along the bottom as well, I’d like to see more breathing room below that curved thing in the lower right corner.

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I love this - it definitely reminds me of checking out the cool lithified rock along the Mahaulepu shore there. I’m wondering how it would look with the “frame” in the foreground darkened down just a bit. To my eye it’s just a little bit oddly bright versus the mid ground and distance parts of the image.

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Outstanding and unique Aaron! Not withstanding the extra room on the right, this has a tremendous 3D look to it. And the warm/cool contrast is wonderful. and of course a complimentary set of clouds always adds to the landscape.

Fantastic tip on the tossing of sand @Ben_Horne! I will often splash water on rocks in rivers, but me too, never thought about throwing sand to soften or cover footprints in the sand! Cool!

Wonderful image Aaron.


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