This was taken from my back yard in 2016. I reprocessed from the original raw image today. I like the late afternoon light on the bird.

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
iso 800, 600mm +1.4, f7.1 800th, D500, 40% of full frame or 8 out of 20 MP.


Kingfishers, for me, are very elusive and difficult to photograph. They seem to perch in areas with lots of obstructions and fly away at the slightest motion or noise. Excellent photo. No obstructions; sharp and nice perch and light. I also like the background that looks like a green shadow of the bird.

Excellent image David. You did a fine job on the reprocessing. I wish I had one of these as a backyard bird! It does look as if you has pretty harsh light when you photographed this, but the pose, perch and raised crest make up for that minor issue. With this species in particular, you have to take any opportunity provided.

Nice job David. I have not seen a Kingfisher and I doubt we have them here. It is an interesting bird with great the crest and pretty colors. Thanks for sharing.

Wonderful image David! What a great find to have this guy in the backyard! Great job with the reprocessing. Excellent detail and colors, and the perch and background work well with it. Well done!

Very nicely done; a photo that caught my eye immediately. I used to get the occasional Kingfisher at my former residence, but haven’t seen one in years. Terrific that you have them on your property.

Well done. As others have said, these little birds a quite skittish and elusive. Nice catch.

Great pose and perch. I do like the patterns on the BG as they make the image more lively and natural than a cleaner BG would have done. Best, Hans