Last Minute Surprise w/reposts

2nd Revision:

This second revision is due to more comments and suggestions.

Revised version:

Revised based on David Bostock’s recommendation to add more space at the top.

Original post:

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


As John pointed out in this image, we were packing up camp when fog rolled through the scene transforming this beautiful park and creating even more magic. Unfortunately for me, my back was to the scene as I packed, and I didn’t see the fog until after John had taken this photo. The fog was moving rapidly and by the time I grabbed my camera and tripod, it was nearly gone. I didn’t have time to think much about the comp and just set up right at the edge of camp. My foreground is the same rock and little trees John used. I’m just back a bit.

This is about 75% of the original photo

Specific Feedback

All comments are welcome. Is my crop affective? Is the path crossing the lower left corner an issue? I didn’t have time to check the ISO setting, which was at 3200 from the morning sunrise - do you see any issue with the high ISO?

Technical Details

D850, 24-70 @ 24mm, f/14, 1/1250 second, ISO 3200, tripod


Steve, this is terrific. I like the more formal composition. It works very nicely for this scene. I would wish for a touch more room at the top, that mountain is so majestic that it needs a bit of room to breathe and shine.
The foreground looks great too, I feel like I can walk right into the scene. Wonderful.


Thanks @David_Bostock! I changed the crop to add more space at the top, and added the revision at the top.

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Wow, what a great trip you had. So many corkers! I really like the trees in this one - they look like they take a battering every winter. Fantastic fog and I like that you have some sky, but it isn’t overwhelming. Very harmonious. My only thought is that the shadows are lifted a bit too much. That’s just me though.

Steve, the repost works very, very nicely. Awesome shot.

I too like the room in the repost Steve; it makes a great image even better. The trail doesn’t even hardly show; even knowing it would be there I really didn’t notice it until I read your question. No ISO issues that I can tell at this resolution. I really like how you caught the fog in the middle layer, with the mountain standing out above it.

Sometimes I play with darkening the blue in skies. It might be worth it in this image to help the mountain pop out a bit more. It might not be your cup of tea, but here’s an example to compare:

The yellow and greens are wonderful in this image. The tree in the form of a ? is kind of a cute item when you find it. I like the image with both less sky and more sky. I think maybe because the sky is less interesting than the ‘foreground’ and by cropping it bring more attention to the trees. Yeah, I like it the less sky version more.

Hi Steve! You asked about the trail in the lower left. It doesn’t seem to bother anybody else but it leads my hiker eye out of the frame and makes me wonder what’s over there.


Maybe I should just cut-n-paste my comments from any number of the other images posted… ha ha, but that would be downright lazy!

But I will repeat some words. Gorgeous and I love the atmphere in this grand, alpine landscape. Fabulous job with the repost. And much like John’s recent post, I think the clarity of the foreground grasses and little trees works beautifull in being separated from the bg foggy atmosphere.

The only really picky nit-pick would be to clone out the lone red leaf/plant lower right that sits on the edge of the lighter rock. I suppose you could also desaturate rather than clone. It’s a minor eye magnet for me, but no biggie really.

Regarding the path in the LLC, I’m not bothered by it at all. However, similar to John’s alternate, transformed image, a 4x5 crop eliminating that corner would do well for a standard print size. But in your case I’m not sure I would want to lose any of the misty trees on the left…

Beautiful, and oh, processing is excellent!


Thank you @_Kris, @John_Williams, @Igor_Doncov, @Cathy_Proenza and @Lon_Overacker for your comments and suggestions. I added another version at the top incorporating most of your suggestions.

I backed off the shadows a bit and darkened the sky somewhat. I also cloned out the trail leaving the scene in the BLC. Does it look natural? And I cloned out the red leaves next to the rock to the right of center in the foreground.

Thanks again for your suggestions!

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Erased trail looks good to me. I want to camp there!

Another gorgeous morning! You got to it in time! I love the composition with the interesting spacing of groups of trees – like people standing around in conversational groups at a party. The openings give a very nice glimpse into the BG. I can go either way on the added room at the top – the original doesn’t feel that crowded, maybe because the mountain is fairly high-key and fits nicely with the soft clouds – wonderful light!!

I can see myself sitting there enjoying the morning. With fresh coffee!

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Love this analogy.

What about going in the opposite direction. Less contrast. Less color.

Interesting idea Igor! I like your version. I considered converting to B&W and I may still.

In my last post above I meant to thank you for the puzzle - “The tree in the form of a ? is kind of a cute item when you find it”. Took me awhile to find the ? tree. It is cute, but I hadn’t notice it before. :smiley:

Thanks Diane!