Last of the Laundry

I probably shouldn’t be posting this, but I DID go out last week. I just didn’t get anything (as the saying goes) “to write home about”. I did rather like these pink Dutchman’s Breeches that looked like they were hanging on the line. Most of what’s left now doesn’t look quite so nice. Something kind of took over here with a web as well, but I liked the color and light.

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

I actually didn’t do anything after bringing it into Capture One except crop a little and clean up a couple of spots that I thought were lens/sensor dust. It’s a bit hard to tell as the breeches aren’t flawless. I could try to clean them up as well.

Sony a7C, Tamron 90mm macro, ISO 125, 1/400s, f/6.3


You found some! Fabulous. I noticed some hepatica in the yard the other day, so we might be getting spring now it’s May and everything.

The pink is so lovely and delicate and the light is to die for. Seems a little spider is hanging out and trying to photobomb. I noticed that in one of my flower photos yesterday - an old one that I’d never notice the little thing on before. Funny.

I wish there was more of the plant in this one than just the one patch, but what can you do. You’ve hit the focus nicely on the leading edges of the flower openings. Maybe a bit more DOF would be preferable, but it’s a pleasing image for sure. You could crop from the left and be ok I think. I love the ‘on the line’ feeling here.


Having alternate flowers in the plane of focus adds some interesting repetition to the comp. The delicate colors and soft lighting are nice as well…Jim

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@Kris_Smith Now that the little critters are out, I have found a lot of surprises in my images and things aren’t quite as “clean”.

It seems like a lot of ours have one or two stems, although I do have some images of quite a lot of them, another row in the background, etc. The light and color were nicest with this. I’m glad you mentioned that though, because I was afraid some of those were too busy - so maybe not. Unless you meant to just show more leaves?

Thanks for your comments!

Just more leaves. Would have made a nice layer at the bottom had they been there - nicely OOF as you have them.

I love the critter photobomb. I could put up a shot for this week’s theme showing a white-tailed doe looking at me and a chipmunk behind her. I didn’t see it at the time, but I know what it is even though it’s totally blurry. Could have cloned it out, but it’s funnier with it in. I have a shot of what I thought was just a leaf in grass, taken with my 100-400 and when I got it into Lr I discovered it was a spider nest - a 6-spotted fishing spider. But the greatest thing was the jumping spider totally photobombing. It’s one of my favorite accidents.

@Kris_Smith I did crop, so I’ll have to take a look and see if there are more in the image. I don’t think so though, unfortunately. I will be looking forward to what you post from this week and if you caught your jumping spider jumping. :slight_smile:

Lovely photo. The title is perfect.

@CharlesV Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.