Layer Upon Layer

Here is another from January and another I posted back then. It is pretty much impossible to pull out favorites from the last year that I have not posted. I did a very small amount of fine tuning when revisiting this image. BTW, that is sand in the background, not sky. This is definitely one of my favorites from the last year and one of my favorite dune images.

D810, 70-200mm

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Wow those are some great layers! The fact that you sort of removed depth, or at least modified the usual ways depth is represented in sand dunes photos makes this image really creative and unique. It’s kind of 2D, but kind of not. I bet in this scene you had an endless supply of compositions. I definitely thought the top layer was sky until I read your description.

CRAZY…in a good way, Harley. The undulating dune(s) sequence(s) is / are wonderful.
Is this even legal to have this MANY layers in one scene?..:clown_face:
It really does look like the great 400m hurdler Edwin Moses would pass on trying to clear these bad boys using his perfect 13 strides between each dune…:sunglasses:

Oh yeah, Harley, I do remember this one. What strikes me as wonderful is how the ripples run exactly counter to all the layers. What I did not know was this was all sand, didn’t remember that fact from your original post. Thanks for bringing this back!

The layering is fantastic and the details are even more amazing in the large version, Harley. This is a very unique take on the dunes.

Oooohhhhh my! What an outstanding collection of layers with each layer having it’s own great set of textures. An awesome dune image, Harley.

The horizontal layering here is quite something, I also love how the ripples add another dimension of interest, this time in the vertical direction. All of that, along with the overall dark tones, has resulted in a very appealing image.


One of the best and most unique dune images - ever. I had forgotten, or never knew, that top layer isn’t sky; yet another reason this is such an awesome image.


Your B&W treatment is spot-on, brings out the layers and the detail within them very nicely!