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Death Valley sand dune from last year’s trip in Winter.

Specific Feedback Requested:

Does the crop work for you? I have several versions of this but I like the pano feel this gives me.

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

Nikon Z7, 24-70mm Z lens, 33mm, ISO 64, 1/800 sec @f/8

Is this a composite?

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Lead the Way

I absolutely find this image. I’m not sure if it’s just my just the my perception makes this image this morning. The composition is really good. The slightly greater lower on tones on the left side balances the drama of dark and light going on with that main dune on the right. I played with levels in a way to keep the the high levels and the very low levels but darkened the some of the lower darker middle tones. It’s just a tiny less contrasty that results in greater texture.

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Outstanding image. The contrast changes by Igor further enhance it’s beauty (tones down some slightly hot areas).

Great image David! I like what Igor has done with lowering the luminance of the LRC…that was lacking detail to my observation so is more easily appreciated now.

Thank you for your comments @Jim_McGovern, @Jim_Gavin, and for your rework of the mid-tones @Igor_Doncov. The clear consensus is that your tweaks have improved the image. It’s very subtle but it works well. Thanks for taking the time for the touch up. I’ve been debating whether to remove the Mesquite bush in the mid left edge or if it adds something to the image? Thanbks again for your thoughts on this image.

This is outstanding and IMO the pano format is the perfect call for it’s presentation. I think @Igor_Doncov’s subtle tweak has mage an already lovely image even better. This has to be viewed large to appreciate the textures and details in this desert landscape. This also has a wide range of tones and the layering with the various elements in the scene has created some nice depth. My only suggestion would be to clone out that mesquite bush that you already mentioned.

I went back on forth on this too, but my opinion would be to remove it. I think the two leftmost dunes are strong enough visually to get the viewer to scan across the entire image. The only reason I could see for leaving the mesquite in is to get the viewer to look at the left side, but I think the smaller dunes accomplish that.

I think Igor’s rework helps nicely, I especially like how it makes the mountains and clouds pop a bit more. With these tweaks, I think you have a really nice dunescape here David.