Life in a tiny world

I was looking at photographing some cactus flowers at sunset and found this little guy, tiny might be a better word. I had the wrong camera and lens really for tiny insects but he came out fairly well, maybe a little soft.

Specific Feedback Requested

I could crop more since he is so small, but it will be a large crop.

Technical Details

Cnon 6D ii Lensbaby Velvet 56 at f/8 1/60 iso 800 HH. This is a square crop.

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The light is so nice and I can see why you get out into it. The small beetle is a little element, but a nice touch on this flower. The sun on that side of the flower highlights it nicely and I think interest is balanced between the flower itself and its little passenger.

Dean, going out at sunset photographing cactus flowers sounds like fun. Glad you had the chance. Yes, you were set up for flowers, so of course the lens wasn’t ready for a tiny little guy like this, but I think it is a nice environmental shot. I love the lighting coming through the flower, and hitting the insect as well. I think you did a nice job at HH in the lighting that you had.

Thanks @Kris_Smith and @Shirley_Freeman . I should add I had to get really deep in the plant so I moved very carefully as I was most likely inches from the thorns

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