Lilac Breasted Roler with Cricket

Photographed in Tanzania a couple of years back - reprocessed this morning

Noticed this fella on the termite mound that would repeatedly fly down into the invisible bushes and bring up a cricket to show us. But they are so quick, barely staying on the perch for a second - max 2

This was caught prefocused and framed as shown

Specific Feedback Requested

Have I over processed ?

And of course, all the nits

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No

I love these birds and you caught it in a great pose with a catch too. I find the colours a bit over the top compared to the real bird, though

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A beautiful bird and excellent capture, Karl.

agree - want to see what others felt - thanks!

I can’t comment on how realistic the colours are, but the bird seems to be in very good condition . I love this shot, the pose, perch and prey; and the background I find quite striking too, the way that blue envelops the top.

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Saturation turned down 5 points in LR


Hi Karl
Thank you for bring us this Lilac Breasted Roller photograph. It is an amazing the color range on this bird, a truly nice presentation.

Beautiful, Karl. Never having seen one in person, I can’t say much about the saturation, but the revised version does fell a bit more realistic. Both are excellent.

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Great to see a new bird such amazing colors on this one, and I can almost hear the cricket crunch…smooth background too.

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No doubt a colourful bird, but if it were mine I guess I would desaturate a bit though. Pose with the cricket is awesome, and the nice and clean BG is also very pleasant to me. Great catch ! Hans

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