Lilac Breasted Roller on low Perch

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


An image that I made back in 2001 in the Pilanesberg NP in South Africa. It is unusual to spot these birds on low perches and I like the background the grasland offered.

Technical Details

Canon EOS-3, EF 2.8 / 300 IS USM +2x Extender, Fuji Sensia 100

Scanned with Nikon Coolscan 5000ED, Photoshop processing, cropped vertical from horizontal.

A beautiful species, I’d like to see in person someday, but always enjoy seeing one posted. Nice pose with the open beak and I like the background as well. Thanks for pulling this out of the archives.

Very nice, Cay-Uwe. I like the bird, perch and background. Since you now have itin digital, you might consider eliminating that brighter grass stem that comes up to meet the stub on the perch. It’s a bit of an eye magnet for me.

Believe or not, I was thinking about cloning it out, but decide to leave as it is in the original slide.

Hi Cay-Uwe
It is a joy to see birds from around the world. Love the coloring on this Kulzer, the open beak and eye contact add to the overall presentation.

A lovely capture, but it feels unbalanced with all the visual weight in the lower left quadrant with little to counterbalance it. I would sacrifice the large OOF plant in the BG, nice as it is, and crop from the top halfway to the bird’s head. I would also remove the bright stem that @Dennis_Plank mentioned. Just because it was in the original slide isn’t a great argument unless you are going to enter it in a contest that forbids cloning. The way it connects to the small branch on the perch makes it too dominant.

Very nice and sharp! Love the colors, just not digging the placement in the fame. I’m all for negative space, but this is a bit much for my tastes. Still a very nice image!