Lines of Danger

Triggered by Paul’s expansive interpretation of “leading lines”, I went back to a series of Orchard Orb Weaver spider shots from fall 2017. It seems that many Orchard Orb weaver webs refract (or diffract, I’m not sure which) sunlight into various colors at particular angles. While I’ve seen other types of spider webs also show colors, I haven’t seen the colors as clear or as bright. Taken in a forest with a sunbeam on the web.

(5D3, 180 mm macro L, 1/200 s, f/6.3, iso 800, tripod)

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Mark, a toss up from the 60’s here. Psychedelic or Paisley interpretation…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think it fits the theme perfectly. All kinds of “leading lines” here, albeit seemingly in a circular pattern maybe. It’s natures Velodrome for little critters on bikes…:clown_face:

The Hi Fi lighting makes this one sing…:+1:

Beautiful, Mark. Yep, psychedelic is the look! Great leading lines and image.

Hey, nice work! What was the light source that created all of the crazy colors?

Wow, superb rendition and color.

Wow, Mark, what a stunning shot. Love the colors and lines, and the spider in the center is so sharp. Kudos.

Love the diffraction, Mark. All the various colors always fascinate me in these web images. And your choice of framing and focus on the orb weaver really has the rule of thirds going on.

The diffracted web and shape remind me of a science-fiction movie with the monster in the middle. Very cool Mark.