Little Blue Heron juvenile

Seen in Florida in February

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon 7D2, Sigma 150-600 C
ISO 400, f7.1, 1/3200s, hand held


Sweet. I had no idea they were this light when young. Juvie GBH’s are more like the adults, just without the color yet. They’re sort of a tannish amalgam. That wing is tremendous & I love the green feet and legs. Do they stay that color? We don’t get the little blues way up here. Just GBHs and greenies.

Thanks @Kris_Smith , the legs seem to darken over time. Thanks for the comment!

Allen, this is a fine flyby view with excellent details in the bird. It took me several bird book searches before I figured out that these light colored herons were immature Little Blues, but those green legs are characteristic.

Hi Allen
Nice flyby. This is the first pure white juvenile Little Glue I have seen. You did a great job controlling the whites and the detail in the wind. Hope you don’t mind this is the post is the first time, I photograph a juvenile Little Blue.
Nice work.

This Egret really stands out well against the background and to me, that is what makes this picture work. Very nice to get an in-flight shot with a superb background. Exposure and detail on the plumage are pretty good. And you had enough light to take this with a reasonable ISO.

Excellent, Allen. Great job on the whites. I really like the flight pose.