Locked in Time

One of many window-oriented images available in the Bodie ghost town


Dick, a fine view through the old doorway at another building. The colors are nicely inviting as they contrast with the aging structures.

I could tell this was Bodie before reading the description. Great spot and a fine reflection image from there. I have done a few of these images and they are fun to create. Very nicely done.

Yes, but I admit, not heavy with the Nature theme

Wonderfully captured. Nice framing of the building in the door windows. I like how the wavy glass kind of distorts the house and hills.

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Dick: This is really well seen IMO and a wonderful story. Terrific shot. >=))>

I love this! It is intriguing, with the four panes displaying such different content. You could imagine the UL one was a tree, if you wanted to make it more nature-y.