Looking around - updated

I have been off track lately but back into the photography world. We are in monsoon season in AZ so lots of bees. I wanted to bring out the bee a little bit here

Specific Feedback Requested

Any tips always helpful

Technical Details

90D 100-400 ii F/4-5.6 at f/16 iso 400 1/125 HH

Hard at work as always. She has a lot to do. The upside down pose is a little odd, but it works since we do see them that way, they just aren’t photographed like this often. The flowers are a little bright so I could see either cropping and darkening them or just darkening them a bit.

Dean, this is a nice closeup view of this little bee. That 100-400 lens helped with that and allowed you to get the shot and not scare the bee off. I agree with @Kris_Smith on the brightness. I could see even lowering the exposure a touch for the whole image. Wonderful details in the bee and I like the composition too.

Hi Dean, nice catch of the bee - quite a hairy fellow. I like the vertical comp and the subject placement in the frame. I agree with the previous comments on darkening the image particularly the flowers.

Great catch of the bee, Dean. Nice! Darkening the flowers would help make the bee standout.

I used a color range mask in Lightroom Classic and that seemed to help.


The re-edit looks great! Whatever mask you chose did the trick.

Oh yes, Dean, that did the trick. The repost looks great.