Well focused on my flower Update 1


Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


I have been trying to pick up more creative photos of the bees. I do notice that the bees tend to return to a flower they like. So I was just trying to find the best angle.

Specific Feedback

I did use a -0.7 fill flash here. I mainly wanted the bee and what she is sitting on in focus. Is the flower ok with lighting. I like the photo, so may try a round 2 with it if flower has issues

Technical Details

r6mii RF 100 f/2.8 macro 1/320 f/9 iso 320. The flower was pretty bright so I darken it with curves and highlights. I then focused on the subject to help bring here out a little more. I used a smart filter dust and scratches at 1px to remove any 1 pixel highlights and keep the flower smooth.


Dean, you nailed it well with the bee. Lighting looks good on it, and wonderful details. For me, something doesn’t look natural about the lighting on a white flower. It just seems a bit too dark for my taste, but that could be just me. It does make it all about the bee though. I like that his shadow even shows up on the flower.

Excellent, Dean. Beautiful focus and depth of field. I think you may have gone a bit far on darkening the flower. With the light that’s on the bee, I’d anticipate the whitest parts to be fairly bright.

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Thanks for the feedback, @Dennis_Plank and @Shirley_Freeman This is what I was thinking

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Dean: My immediate first impression was “underexposed”. I just added 1 stop of exposure and think this helps. The comp and subject capture is excellent. >=))>

It’s a lovely shot, Dean. I agree with the shot looking a bit better brightened and like Bill’s modification. I also think the bee’s head could even be brightened a bit more. Why not try Nik Software’s Viveza for that?

Thanks for the feedback, @Bill_Fach , @Shirley_Freeman , @Mike_Friel , and @Dennis_Plank . Mike I did download the demo version of NIK. Looks interesting and I did use the Viveza fill as a smart object in PS. I used the masking in LRC a little bit here.


Excellent job on the update Dean. The image has a lot more presence now.

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Oh yes, Dean, I love the update. Well done!

Dean, the details look great and the revised version is a big improvement, with a good sense of strong daylight. Those purple/blue stamen contrast beautifully with the orange pollen sack and the white rays.

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Hello Dean. The brighter flower image works so much better. That said, I feel the composition is a bit off-balance. Since the flower is angled to the left, in terms of the plane of the flower’s surface, I feel that side of the bloom needs to be completely in the frame and the right side could be cropped into the petals instead. That would also place the been slight off-center to the right . With that angle of the flower, my eye keeps getting directed back to the left. Just a though; the sharpness and the light and color are wonderful in this!