Low fog over the harbor

This is a small boat harbor inst in the Oslo fjord next to the old fortress and its castle during sunrise

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Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
ISO 100
Leica Q2

Welcome to the NPN community Tom. This is a wonderfully soft photo of the little harbor with great reflections in the water. Very nicely seen and captured. Looking forward to seeing more of your images in the future.

Hello @tom2m, welcome to NPN.

This is a gorgeous image, I like how the sky colour are soft and subdued, almost pastel. That fog layer helps to separate the boats from the background.

Looking forward to see more images from you, thanks for sharing.

Thank you Linda, very much appreciated!

Thanks João for your encouraging words

Welcome to NPN Tom! I’m also new here and have found it to be a great community. I really like this image. The subtle pinks and blues are excellent. I love the reflection of the masts on the water. They draw my eye to the sky and back down to the beautiful reflection in the foreground. Kudos!

Welcome to NPN Tom, you are off to a great start. I hope to see more of your work here, and hope that you join in on the discussion of the images posted by others too.

Obviously you had some wonderful conditions with the sunrise color and the fog on the water. But I also think you have a strong composition, it feels very well balanced. The placement of the fortress is key here, it helps anchor the scene and helps pull the viewers eye through the image. I also like how you placed the horizon (and the boats) off-center too. The other aspect of this image that appeals to me is how the bottom half of the image is almost an abstract with the rippled mast reflections, but the top half of the image is realistic (non-abstract) looking. You have done a nice job mixing those two elements together here.

My only suggestion for improvement would be to slightly increase the exposure / luminosity of the fog, boats, and water. The fog especially should be lighter, and I think a bit more luminosity in the water would add some vitality to the reflections.

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Greetings, Tom. What a wonderful scene. I think that line of fog is great, in that it simplifies what might have been a busy background behind the boat masts. I’m with Ed on bringing up the lights a bit in the fog and boats. Hope to see more of your work!

What’s neat about the fog is that house that looms out of it, half in and half out. It’s almost like an apparition. Pity it takes so much effort to find it.

Thanks Dan for your encouraging feedback!

Hi Ed, this is a very interesting and knowledgeable comment from you, I must say. It stroke my mind when I published the picture that you guys might not see the fog, but for some strange reason it did not appeared to me that I actually could do do something about it. Thank you Ed I am already in the process of finding the best way to increase the exposure!

Thank you Bonnie, your and Ed’s comments are really constructive and I will make the adjustment of the exposure.

Yes Igor, I am glad you are saying so as that was really the whole point with the scene, not just the light, thanks.

So Ed, is this an improvement?