Lower Falls with mistbow

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


On a day with a mix of sun and clouds I went looking for the mistbow that Tower Falls often shows and found it. Since there was always at least a slight overcast, the mistbow was never very interse. That may or may not be bad. Since it’s also early on a year with more snow than usual, the snow/ice fields alongside the falls were nice and heavy.

Technical Details

R5, 24-105 @ 105, 1/4 s, f/16, iso 100, tripod, polarizer and 4 stop ND filter.


Such a beautiful scene, Mark. That rainbow is a very nice addition too.


Quite a beautiful landscape image and of course the rainbow colors really is the icing on the cake.

Twice in a row now I’m going to have to admit that tall, digital format here fits this scene perfectly. I normally don’t like the tall verticals, but you’ve filled up every bit of space, nothing is wasted in terms of your composition. I think too many times fields of snow might be distracting, but not here as the snow is an important element in the scene.

No nits or suggestions! Beautifully captured and presented.


The inclusion/happenstance of snow makes this a distinctive image. Even if the mistbow wasn’t pronounced, it’s there and what a phenomenon it is. I know you said it was faint, but if you add a touch of saturation, it might make its presence a bit stronger. The rock is pretty yellow, too, isn’t it? Either way, this is a dramatic and distinctive waterfall.

I like the intensity of the mistbow. Strong enough that you can’t miss it, but also not so strong that it takes over the image. All the elements work well together.

I really like the composition and how all the shapes created fit together nicely. The rainbow really ties everything together. The color of the trees on the right low corner are a nice contrast to the mostly white and gray picture but I think that if you lower the saturation in them the colors of the rainbow will be stronger. But it is great these two sections are separate. Great picture.

This reminds me very much of the type of images I would see in Sunset books of nature during the 60s and 70s. I like the inclusion of the white water and snow in the lower left area. Without that the dark slope on the right would dominate too much. I agree with Lon that the tall frame works well with this composition.

Love these waterfalls! Isnt it crazy how ice builds up there and takes a long time to melt? The composition works well with the angle of the bow. I like the way you’ve included the trees in the foreground, whose angled ridge compliments the line of the bow. The only correction I’d make is to the description. This is the Lower Falls on the Yellowstone River. Tower Falls is north of there a bit on a different river.

You’re right about the name…only the first letter is different… :laughing:. I’m surprised that no one, inluding myself, noticed before now.

For sure, I did consider that it could be a simple auto-correct!

Mark, I sure missed this outstanding image. I was down with the latest bug labeled HMPV lately…UGH ! Listed as a between Covid and bad head cold on the Richter Scale… :weary:
Congratulations on the EP from the very strong Landscape Category… :+1: :+1:

Thanks for the congrats, TPE suggest when I should get there. I was early, but that turned out to be just right, since the angle down plays a role as well as the angle to the side. Interesting how leaving social isolation results in more disease… Reminds me of having a child in elementary school and how many bugs they bring home.

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