Magicicada septendecim and close associate


More from my series on the emergence of periodical cicadas in SE Michigan. A small isopod was sitting on the branch witnessing the emergence of an adult.

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D500 200mm f4 (1/20 sec at f20, ISO 1250) Topaz DeNoise, Levels, Crop for Comp, Dust Removal, Brightness & Contrast…
Is this a composite? No

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Wow, Jim, this is really nice. That nice smooth background just makes him pop (no pun intended). The details are really nice. We haven’t seen any cicadas in our area here in NC. I saw plenty of them in the Washington, DC area when we lived up there. I’m not really missing them. :grinning:

You have done a fabulous job at capturing him coming out. Well done.

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This will inspire me, Jim, if I’m lucky enough to see them emerge in the garden; we get them every year, but not just yet. I like very much how its pose mirrors the position of the moult (or whatever you call it). And as Shirley said, a great BG!

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Fantastic – both the detail and the behavior caught!! And the little isopod looking on is such a wonderful grace note!

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Jim: Your cicada images have been great and this is no exception. I like the moment you chose to show and that the BG is not perfectly smooth which IMO would be boring while this is much more complementary. Top notch shot. >=))>

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