Magnetospheric Magnificence

This is a very old stitched panorama taken on Robe Lake at Valdez, Alaska. It took me a long time to take because it was very windy and the aurora was intermittent. I had the camera on a tripod for the long exposures but the wind gusts would vibrate the tripod and almost blow it over. In between wind gusts I had an opportunity to shoot but the aurora went out. I stood out there on the frozen lake for almost 4 hours hoping for a few minutes where the wind was quiet and the aurora was displaying. I was just getting ready to give up when all of a sudden the wind died and the aurora lit up! I quickly grabbed the multiple frames and got out of there! The light on the far left of the mountains was from the town of Valdez, thus the choice for this challenge.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any feedback is always appreciated

Technical Details

See the description for how it was captured. The individual settings were carried into the panorama with the old stitching software I had back then and I would have to dive deeply into my archives to come up with the individual frames, so consider it n/a for technical details.


Spectacular!! Extra points for the persistence – it really paid off!