Magnificent or Talamanca Hummingbird-female

I can’t remember which is the current nomenclature. It recently changed from one to the other. Baited with sugar water (this doesn’t look like a normal hummingbird flower to me). Just working on processing the second day at this point.

Specific Feedback Requested

Anything. I brought down the highlights in the bud at the top, hopefully it was enough.

Technical Details

Sony A1, FE 200-600 + 1.4 TC @ 591 mm, monopod with Wimberley Sidekick mount, f/9, 1/3200, iso 3200, manual exposure. Processed in LR & PS CC. Cropped to 6288 x 4152 pixels. Taken at 10:25 AM local time on April 17th.


Just beautiful, Dennis. I really love the composition and the position of the hummers wings. Very nicely done. This belongs on a wall!

What Shirley said!!! Stunning! 1/3200 – I’m making a note of that. And you got great DOF! Anxious to see more! There are so many stunning hummers and I only get Annas, and Rufous for a week or two as they migrate.

Very nice image Dennis. Love the wing position and the pose. Nice.

I really like the pose. Both bird and flower show excellent detail. Are you using some NR software or is the A1 sensor that good? Are you using auto ISO in manual exposure?

A humdinger good shot, Dennis. Really like the composition and the bird’s position. All the flowers look great,wonderful detail throughout.

@Allen_Brooks No auto iso. That essentially puts you back in an auto mode where you need to use exposure compensation. I prefer straight manual. I do use noise reduction software. I’m still using Neat Image, though I have some of the fancier ones. I may play with some of the AI ones for some of the really high iso images I took. I have a few at the max the camera goes to and pulling out the feather structure while reducing noise will be tricky.

Superb shot. I especially like the wings position. The bright spot on left margin close to corner draws a bit of my attention.

Thanks @Jim_Gavin. I missed that!

Wonderful image Dennis. Love the pose on the hummer with the forward wings. All looks tack sharp. Well done.

Hi Dennis
You have captured the perfect ballet, well done.

Nicely balanced image with outstanding color and detail on the plumage.

Outstanding all the way around. Nothing more I can add.